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Press release A GREATER TYGERBERG PARTNERSHIP & CITY SOIRÉE INITIATIVE The Greater Tygerberg Partnership has partnered with local creative startup City Soirée to make it possible for music fans to host their favourite artist or band in their own home for one of their signature living room concerts, called Secret Soirée. The idea behind Secret […]

It was a late winter’s night on Cape Town’s famous, and often infamous, Long Street and rain has been threatening the whole day. Now, when rain threatens in Cape Town we all know what that means for any live event: very low attendance. But we didn’t feel any of the stress and trepidation that normally […]

I have been thinking about doing house concerts for a long time now. More specifically, how can we do City Soirée house concerts and create more ways of artist-audience interaction along with creating performance opportunities for artists that we find interesting? Something rather poignant happened this week which made me decide to write about the […]

Bach had the church, Haydn had the Esterházy’s and The Beatles had their fans. Shortest history lesson on music patronage, ever. It’s simple, right? That’s how they paid the bills, so to speak. That is how they kept the roof over their heads and put food in their musical bellies. Or did they? It would […]