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What is a Pledge?
A pledge is like buying an early-bird ticket but with the power to make great events possible. When you pledge you are saying that you want the event to happen as much as the band who is playing a concert, artist doing an exhibition, or teacher giving a workshop. By pledging their event also becomes your event.
How do I pledge and is it safe?
Pledges can be made using a credit or cheque card via the event page. All our online payments are safely and securely handled by PayFast. You will receive a confirmation email to say that we received your pledge along with all the necessary info on what happens next.
Do I have to buy a ticket as well as pledge?
Nope. Once the event has hit its target you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your ticket along with all necessary details.
What are General Tickets?
Some events will need a full-house to make it happen but in cases where the venue can take more people we will release General Tickets in order for more people to attend. Pledges are usually cheaper than General Tickets so best to get in early.
Do I lose my money if the event does not reach its target?
Not at all. If an event doesn’t reach its target ALL MONEY will be refunded in full.
PLEASE NOTE: Only applicable to credit or cheque card payments. InstantEFT transactions will have R10 admin fee for refunds.
Is the date when pledging closes the date of the event?
No. Pledging always closes before the event takes place to give us enough time to confirm with you and make final arrangements so that your event is a success.
Why are pledges non-refundable?
To make an event happen we need your pledge. If you cancel it means the event organiser can’t cover their costs and the event suddenly can’t happen anymore.
How will I know if an event is confirmed or canceled?
As soon as an event is confirmed or canceled you will receive an email with all the necessary information.
How do I get my ticket?
Once the event has been confirmed you will receive an email with a link to your eTicket. You can print your ticket or present it on a smartphone to gain access to the event.