Guidelines for hosting a house concert

It’s pretty simple hosting a house concert, but we thought we’d share some tips and guidelines to make sure you have a splendid shindig.




Control the numbers

We require a minimum of 30 guests for a Secret Soirée. This will ensure that costs are covered and guests might start to feel a little uncomfortable if the audience is too small. We limit attendance at 60 people to ensure that the event is still cozy and intimate. And you don’t want to annoy the neighbours, right?


Notify the neighbours

It’s always a good idea to let your neighbours know in advance that you are planning a house concert. Rather avoid an awkward situation where they might complain about noise while the artist is in the middle of their performance. Mention to them what time the concert will start and finish and make sure to stick to this. A performance is usually only and hour or two and if you start and end at a decent time then it should all be ok. Hey! If your neighbours are cool they might even want to join in the fun.


Be warm and friendly

Hosting a house concert is like having friends over for dinner or a party. Make sure to tidy up the place (duh!) and welcome everyone with a smile. Make them feel at home.


We ask guests to bring their own drinks

Normally people bring their own booze or juice and something to drink it from. It’s that easy.


Cushions and chairs

If you don’t have enough chairs for everyone you can throw some cushions or blankets on the floor. It actually makes the event more cozy and fun! You could also ask guests to bring a cushion and even fold-up chairs, if space permits.


Should I provide food or snacks to the guests?

This is 100% up to you. Some people enjoy catering and some don’t. Guests are coming for a concert and don’t expect it so if you add it they might just fall in love with you.


Should I provide dinner for the artist?

This is not compulsory at all, but obviously always welcome. Happy artists make for happy performers!


Plan ahead!

Make sure to be ready by the time the artist and the guests arrive. Furniture often needs to be moved around so do that before everyone comes.


A typical event could look like this:

5PM — Artist arrive for setup and sound check
7PM — Guests start to arrive and mingle.
8PM — Performance starts.
Always make sure to communicate with the artist if things are running late and you might not start on time.
The artist will say whether they want to do one straight set or break it up into two halves. Some artists will ask you as the host what you prefer. House concerts are usually pretty relaxed things.