Righard Kapp


Righard Kapp has always dwelled on the outskirts of the South African music scene. From his own sonic experiments and his involvement with the On the Edge of Wrong festival of improvised music, to his sporadic tenure with literary avant-garde group The Buckfever Underground, it is clear that the idiosyncratic guitarist values a critical and aesthetic discourse that is well removed from the mainstream. Kapp’s Jaunted Haunts label has also created a reputation for releasing albums by decidedly individualistic artists.

Kapp is a self-described dilettante of the guitar. He aims to extend the sonic vocabulary of the instrument through various experimental techniques and his unique approach encompasses many permutations of the guitar’s timbre: acoustic finger picking tones, warm clouds of swells, feedback squalls, angular and anemic distortion, pointillistic cut up harmonics, and dense stochastic textures which he aims to incorporate within a compositional sensibility where fragility delicately coexists with harsh dissonances.

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