The Brother Moves On / Derek Gripper

Secret Soirée

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Cape Town


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30 / 40


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Secret Soirée is a series of secret and intimate crowdfunded house concerts in the living rooms of fans.

Anyone who went to, what is now simply called The Slave Church Concert, will be able to verify that some sort of magic gets conjured when Derek Gripper and The Brother Moves On share a stage. Two of the most sublimely talented and unique acts in South Africa, with a mutual fondness and admiration for one another, are coming together once again. This time for a stripped down, intimate Secret Soirée house concert.

And you are invited.


This will be the first time that The Brother Moves On’s forthcoming album #ANewMyth will be available for sale in physical copy. A download station will also be available for singles, b-sides, a rarities album and remixes, so bring a USB flash drive!




The Brother Moves On

The Brother Moves On is a performance art ensemble from Johannesburg. TBMO began as a self-proclaimed art movement mainly of graphic and fine artists and since began incorporating instrumentalists for the live performance environment. The name The Brother Moves On is a grammatical misconfiguration of The Brother Mouzone, a fictional character in the American television drama series The Wire. In their emerging stages, the movement interrogated the notion that members were each an impermanent part of the process. Hence the derivation of the name The Brother Moves On.



Derek Gripper

For over ten years guitarist Derek Gripper has produced some of South Africa’s most extraordinary musical works by fusing the country’s disparate creative traditions with styles throughout the world. His music draws on European classical traditions, avant-garde Brazilian works, Malian kora works, Cape Town’s folk styles such as ghoema/goema and vastrap, and even Indian classical music, all the while synthesising them into a style uniquely his own.


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Private Venue
Cape Town
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1 December 2013






















































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Date: Sunday, December 1, 2013

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