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Private Venue
Craighall Park
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20 April 2016



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Drawingrooms is your chance to turn your home into an art gallery for one night!

All the money from the pledges will go into a “pot” and one lucky attendee’s name will be drawn at the end of the night. That person will get to select one piece of art, or a collection of art works, to a guaranteed minimum value of R4 000 (total amount from pledges). Once the pledge target has been reached and the event is confirmed more tickets will be made available and that money will also be added to the total. The draw will take place at 21:00 and should the person who’s name is drawn not be present, they will forfeit their chance and another name will be drawn.


Works on display will be available for sale. If all pieces are sold out by 21:00 the winner will have the opportunity to commission a work from the artist to the value of the money in the “pot”.


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Maria Baumann is an illustrator living and working in Joburg.


Her masters work attempted a representational reflection of chronic pain, so inherently un-representable. Those who suffer pain which is not obviously marked on the body are so often forced to present hyperbolic performances of their very private experiences, to legitimize themselves to their friends, family and peers. Pain is a lonely space outside language, too entirely subjective to translate meaningfully into words which rely on the commonality of that which they refer to.


These works draws on images Baumann created in art therapy in treatment of various invisible pain conditions. Communication is tentative and partial. They do not give everything away. They reflect personal mythologies, tell stories with emotional rather narrative content.


Since moving to Joburg at the beginning of last year, and starting out as an illustrator, Baumann’s work has been more unrestrictedly and uncomplicatedly joyful. The creatures have crawled out of my emotionally abstract masters work to become subjects simply in and of them selves. However, she always feels that there is something mysterious and mythic about them, some opaque emotionally charged back story.


From the brooding homunculus to the merrily swinging monkey, Baumann’s interest in representation is the potential to process the dark and scary, the painful, the mysterious and the familiar, with lightness and humour.


See more of Maria’s work here.





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Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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