Secret Soirée

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Cape Town


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20 / 20


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R 60.00



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Secret Soiree is a series of secret, intimate, you-have-to-know-someone-to-know-about-it crowdfunded house concerts in the living rooms of fans.





Gavin Bonner

Born in London, Gavin spent much of his childhood in South Africa growing up with a love of rock and African music and rhythms. A move back to London aged 14 opened up a world of musical diversity and he played with all kinds of bands touring round England and playing at many festivals including Glastonbury.

Years of travel followed to Australia, Europe, Canada, India, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, Turkey and more where he absorbed different philosphies, languages, stories and musical styles. Some great percussionists he has studied with include Glen Velez (USA), Zohar Fresco(Israel), Pete Lockett(UK), Achu and Prosper Gagadu (Ghana), Numan Elyer and Tarik Tuysuzoglu (Turkey).


“Gavin Bonner is an inspiration! A poet, storyteller, musician and praise singer in one, he lets his wordplay weave and speak spontaneously to whatever is happening in a group of people.” — Ashley Ramsden (Founder of the International School of Storytelling)


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Private Venue
Cape Town
Details will be made available once event is confirmed


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18 October 2013




























Important Stuff:



Pledging closes 15 October 2013.


Your pledge secures your ticket to the concert. UNRESERVED SEATING.

eTickets will be issued within 7 days (or less) via email once target is reached and event is confirmed.


Bring your own booze or juice. Easy.

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If the target is not reached, all pledges will be refunded in full. 100% money back.

PLEASE NOTE: Only applicable to credit or cheque card payments. InstantEFT transactions will have R10 admin fee for refunds.


Date: Friday, October 18, 2013


We are sorry but this event has reached the maximum number of attendees!

Please check back in the event someone cancels.

Current Number of Attendees: 20