Secret Soirée

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Cape Town


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45 / 45


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R 125.00


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Private Venue
Kalk Bay
Cape Town
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6 March 2014



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Secret Soirée is a series of secret and intimate crowdfunded house concerts in the living rooms of fans.

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Crimson House

You know that feeling when a chill runs down your spine and you cant help but shake it out like a elated wet dog on the beach?… Well, Crimson House is something like that, just with banjo’s and sax.


“Potent as whisky, wild as the desert, and fiery as all hell, Crimson House was formed in the arid wilderness of Namibia and comes to South Africa with enough grit and heart to bring the blues to an African audience. Starting from a background of metal, they’ve kept that raw power and expanded their musical horizons in order to share with audiences from every background. Fiercely independent, they’ve managed to stay true to their artistic vision while garnering massive support from fans.” — Rolling Stone Magazine






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Bring your own booze or juice. Easy.

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Date: Thursday, March 6, 2014

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