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Private Venue
Cape Town
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26 November 2015



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Drawingrooms is your chance to turn your home into an art gallery for one night!

All the money from the pledges will go into a “pot” and one lucky attendee’s name will be drawn at the end of the night. That person will get to select one piece of art, or a collection of art works, to a guaranteed minimum value of R4 000 (total amount from pledges). Once the pledge target has been reached and the event is confirmed more tickets will be made available and that money will also be added to the total. The draw will take place at 21:00 and should the person who’s name is drawn not be present, they will forfeit their chance and another name will be drawn.


Works on display will be available for sale. If all pieces are sold out by 21:00 the winner will have the opportunity to commission a work from the artist to the value of the money in the “pot”.


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To briefly stop, dwell or linger is such a treat. The unique thing about a pause is that it is not a stop, an end or a beginning. It is time taken to have a curious moment. That moment of pause is where my work begins and ends. Like a frame taken out of a graphic novel. A narrative pause can be an inspiring reflection on life.


It is good to constantly progress and feel the need to keep charging forward to reach an end, and start something better or new. With all this progress the moment of a good pause sometimes gets forgotten. A feeling starts to creep up in daily life, a feeling that something is missing, something where a moment is needed to take a moment.


The wonderful thing about a pause is that it can be a subliminal moment, a slice of silence and stillness. It does not add or take away from daily life, but it has a position of importance. A pause can also swells up emotions for what is going to happen next. It has the potential power to take the banal and fill it with wonder. I cannot think of a better place for a pause than in the everyday banal.


My work celebrates the premise of “pause” in the everyday. I collected “pauses” in the daily life around me, sampling from conversation, events, photo documentations, moments and moods. Using different ink techniques I try translating what I collect into curious narrative single frames. The aim is to inspire and engage everyday banal moments with a pause. An exhibition to celebrate “Pause!”


3 pieces

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Date: Thursday, November 26, 2015

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

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