Drawingrooms Terms & Conditions For Artists

We know it’s boring but please read below. It’s kind of important (aka Terms & Conditions).

Our stuff:

The exhibition will happen for one night only. Details of the venue will only be made available to final participants and ticket holders.

Deadline for submissions is final.

City Soirée and a guest curator will select all works for the exhibition and reserve the right to include or exclude any works at their discretion.

Works will be selected on an individual basis so some, all or none of a participant’s submissions could be included in the final curation.

All works selected will be for sale at the event. All sales will be facilitated by City Soirée.

The event will be crowdfunded and will need 40 pledges at ±R150 per pledge (final amount to be confirmed) to go ahead. Limited general tickets will be made available based on the size of the venue once the pledge target has been reached. This ensures all necessary costs are covered as well as a good attendance on the night.

Half of the money from pledges and general tickets will go into a lucky draw and one or more attendee’s name will randomly be selected during the event. The winner/s of the lucky draw will get to use this money to purchase art on exhibition at the event. The remaining money from pledges and general tickets will be used by City Soirée to cover event expenses.


Your stuff:

All works submitted must belong to you and you must hold all legal rights to their ownership.

You will retain ownership of all works submitted and all unsold works will remain your property.

By submitting your work you grant City Soirée permission to use any work that is included in the final selection for marketing purposes as well as to be put on sale. This includes use on any digital or printed mediums. Each ticket holder will receive a postcard-sized print as part of their pledge and artists whose works are selected will be required to sign and number these limited edition prints. Submitted works that aren’t selected won’t be used for any purpose.

Framing of works is left to the discretion of the participant. Framing costs will be at the expense of the participant.

After transaction fees (PayFast, SnapScan, etc.) have been deducted you will receive 55% of any of your works sold at the event. The remaining 45% will go towards City Soirée (30%), the guest curator (10%) and the host (5%).


Event-specific terms and conditions will be provided during submission process